Welcome to Velvet Rose.

Frills, ruffles and piled on appliques, vintage trimmings, flowers and bows come together in this frivolous collection of off-beat, one-off pieces.

Marsha Swanzy's designs are strong, vibrant and imaginative, full of clever, playful detailing. Taking inspiration from an array of sources; from books such as The Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland, to classic silhouettes of the past, the clothes are stylish and quirky, delicately pretty with an eclectically boho edge.

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In autumnal clashing colours, the collection uses vintage sourced fabrics, denims and velvets, Harris tweeds and lace, as well as antique buttons and brooches to create a feel for the historic, with an element of post-modern pastiche.

The pieces exude warmth and eccentricity that is typically English. Marsha has travelled the country scouring flea-markets and antique shops to source beautiful one-off lengths of fabric and interesting pieces of jewellery to give the collection authenticity and worth. Classic yet quirky, each unique piece is effortlessly wearable, fun and timeless in it's fusion of old and new.

For an appointment, call 07833 778803 or email marsha_swanzy@yahoo.co.uk